Panels will usually be 2-4 experts on the topic of choice. Panel presentations may be from 60-90 minutes. Audience Q&A is encouraged.


March of 2021

The Glass Spaceship...

The story of the Thermal Protection System of the Space Shuttle and

how it almost ended the program.


America's Space Race

Some of the participants of the Space Race discuss and share stories of the "Great Race " of the 60's and 70's.

Return to the Moon

Will we ever return to the Moon?  Why did the Moon Exploration program end?

Aerospace Lessons Learned

The failures of Aerospace have taught us great lessons, but have we learned anything from them?

Houston We Have  A Problem

The Apollo 13 near disaster is a study of failure and expert problem solving. What happened and why is it so important today.

The Cost of Space

Frequently the costs of Space Exploration are challenged. Are the dollars spent in Aerospace a waste or an investment?

On the Shoulders of Giants

Who were the real men and women who got us to the moon? The builders, the dreamers, the makers.

Spaceship Alley

A discussion of the Southern California corridor of companies and  organizations that opened the gateways to space.